Why do things keep getting worse?

It all started out so simply – a vermin wizard escaped down a grate, no big deal.
Then we sell a really big ruby that some Ratmen were trying to use in an evil ceremony. Just trying to make a profit from a little bit of plundering – what’s wrong with that…

Then Dark Council of the Eldar Gnolls began to re-assert it’s power after centuries of apparent inaction. Not good, but they can be dealt with, right?

Then several warrens of ratmen allied together to regain the stone and create an abomination to hold the power of their long banished titan goddess. OK, that sounds like it could be rough, but we can take them.

And the vermin wizard apparently has been studying for years on means to usurp the energies of the banished titaness for himself, and the gem appears to be a key. The gem which we had, but sold, and which he now apparently possesses. Disgusting wizard empowered by an ancient evil god, thats going to be a tall order, but we beat him once already….

And about that time, the demons and devils started slipping through into our dimension with increasing ease and frequency. Yeah, there’s no way to put a positive spin on that – it’s just plain bad.

So, at least we hold one trump card! We think our strange but adorable cheerleader from another dimension is needed to complete the evils schemes of the various bad guys. As long as we keep her safe, how bad can things get?

Welcome to the Campaign Website.

Thought this could be cool and its free if we just do the basics! I may also do the upgrade as it will give us some more functionality and only costs $40/year. If the GM does the upgrade, everyone gets to use the new features. We can see if we think this will be cool or useful.

I will try to find time to add new elements to it (NPCs, items, major events, etc). If you all want to take a few minutes to recap what you experienced during a game session, that would be great.

Now we will have a living record so when we are ready to wrap it up in a short five years or so, we will know what happened. Too bad we didn’t start at the beginning….

5 Feb 2011
Feel free to add your characters under the Character’s page. You may want to enter data into the template, or you can just add what you feel to the generic data screens.

I have added several NPC’s to the character’s page. I have used the built in DnD template for some of the NPCs. When I have done his you can look at the very end of the page for some biographic information that includes highpoints of what you know about the characters, and where they were last encountered.

When Worlds Collide

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