When Worlds Collide

Lions, and Ogres, and Bears (Oh my!)
Good to meet you. Want to see my swords?

Game Date: 29 JANUARY 2011

After inventorying the booty from the hags and the trolls, the group settled down to finish off the night’s rest.

At dawn, Glorfindel awoke and set off to do a little scouting. Upon his return, he announced that he had information that would point to Arcturis’s location. The party questioned his source, but all he would say is he met an ally in the forest. He did however show them a very impressive short sword that re received as a gift – it is gold in color and the handle is studded with gems. The cross bar is fashioned to appear as a oak branch with leaves. The rest of the morning was spent breaking camp and coming up with 10 questions with which to pester Heironeous. Having disturbed one of the most powerful beings in the universe to satisfy their curiosities, the party headed out.

Within a few hours, they encountered a large cave lion, stalking ahead of them. Glory signaled for the party to form a rhumba line (or maybe it was to be quiet – the details weren’t clear), and they waited to see what would happen. The cave lion moved ahead slowly aware someone was out there, but not sure where.

Just as the party members in the rear of the line were coming forward and asking what the hold up was, a half-ogre flanked by two hobgoblins appeared behind the cave lion and began to charge. Melee ensued.

In the course of the fight, several other individuals appeared. First, a large bear charged the Half-Ogre, and was charged in turn by the cave lion. Glorfindel attempted to warn the group regarding an owl that had shapechanged into a hobgoblin in a tree to the northwest of the group, but no one heeded his warning. Braedon hasted the group and then ignited his flamewhips. This apparently got the attention of a previously hidden opponent, as a previously invisible thief appeared and attempted to assassinate the surprised wizard. Finally, with his flames surpressed by the being in the tree, Braedon charged him in frustration to find out that there was also a Grig on the hobgoblin’s shoulder, who was also casting spells.

The battle raged with Glory soaking much of the damage from the raging half ogre berserker. Finally, David and Oshi brought down the female hobgoblin, who had been battling barehanded and covered in ice. This freed them to turn on the assassin and the male hobgoblin that was attacking Vainbrand. The large bear brought down the cave lion, and he and Glory disembowled the half-ogre who went by the name the Mighty Rouf.

With the numbers turning against them, the hobgoblins started chattering, and Wartus quickly cast a Comprehend Languages, and alerted the group that they were thinking about disengaging as they did not expect this much resistance. The male fighter was a little upset at this suggestion as he was in no position to disengage from a melee having now been confronted by Glory, David, and Vainbrand.

Suddenly, the entire area went dark, and the giant bear, who had by this time transformed into a bear-human hybrid, felt a devastating slash to his side as he was struck by the assassin’s blade. The assassin had hoped to get several rounds of merciless sneak attacks on the benighted party, when the bear reached into his pack and pulled out a Daylight pellet and broke it granting a sphere of light and destroying the cover of the hapless assassin. By the next round, the assassin had been struck by a volley of arrows and slashed by several others swords and decided to run for it. Oshi had cast Ebon Eyes and was able to rapidly over take the assassin and dealt him a fatal blow.

David, Vainbrand, and Glorfindel dispatched the Hobgoblin fighter without much further work.

Meanwhile the sorceror and the druid that had been up the tree both attempted to flee. Braedon transformed into a Medium Air elemental and rapidly captured the Druid in his whirlwind as the Druid had transformed into a falcon. Glory moved to support, only to be struck by a Confusion spell by the Grig. In a short time, the druid had died, but the sorceror was no where to be found.

So it was that the melee ended. Or so one would have thought. But the gods of battle are a fickle bunch and they decided they were not finished. Glory spent several seconds drooling, and fleeing from his imaginary enemies, when he seemed to return to his senses. Being such a like-able fellow, he walked up to the Werebear and began demanding him to explain himself -why had he mooched in on Glory’s kills and stolen some of his glory, and other such unfriendly questions. It was then that the gods played their trick. For the Confusion spell was not done, and Glory, as only he can do, then rolled the dreaded “Attack Nearest” and as such, took a full round suprise attack on the unexpecting bear. Obviously the bear was stunned at this turn of events as he was still flatfooted for Glories next series of strikes as well. Finally when he thought he was going to extract his vengance, Brother Peter decided to flex his might and cast a Dominate Person on him. Raging on the inside, but placid as can be on the outside, the Bear went to sit by himself in the corner.

The party waited until Glory’s odd fit had passed and then made all sorts of nice promises to the bear, and held their breath as they released him from the spell. The bear stalked over to Glory and told him that his honor demanded that such a cowardly attack be repaid. He said he would let it pass if the ranger would stand for one blow from the mighty axe that the bear weilded. Glory, realizing it was the only way to appease his creature, agreed, and even leaned into the blow when he could have easily dodged it.

Staggered, but alive, Glory accepted the healing of the clerics and the party got around to asking the bear about his past in a somewhat more civilized manner.

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