• Bailey Anne Dangers

    Bailey Anne Dangers

    Beautiful Cheerleader from our world stranded in the DnD world
  • Wartus Fishmonger The Monster Troller

    Wartus Fishmonger The Monster Troller

    Lost - never fitting in - questioning the obvious - abandoning caution - strength from somewhere within - but the source is unclear -- chaos is to be embraced as much as scorned
  • Anson Greengable

    Anson Greengable

    Small and mischievous, Anson joined the in the search for Wartus
  • Balikigi


    A crafty gnome who served the Slaad queen that kidnapped Wartus
  • Father Night

    Father Night

    Oshi listens, and Oshi obeys
  • Fezziwig


    A long-time friend of the 13th Legion and helpful connection
  • John Stone

    John Stone

    Former adventurer and statue
  • Lord Aelash Naiianruil

    Lord Aelash Naiianruil

    A forest king of the fey peoples
  • Tsaraspeer


    An imposing female Slitheran, Tzaraspeer led the mage wing of the Ratman Alliance