A long-time friend of the 13th Legion and helpful connection


Fezziwig was one of the first friend’s of the party, long before they adopted the legacy of the 13th Legion. He met them on their first adventure in the town of Birk’s Forge, where he was the local merchant. He provided food and lodging for Hrothgar, the large wolf companion of Luna, earning the druid’s undying affection.

Fezzi, as he is known to his friends, has also purchased and sold the much of the party’s treasures early in their adventuring, offering a favorable exchange rate out of debt to their services for Birk’s Forge. Most memorably, Fezzi agreed to advertise and sell the massive red ruby shard the group obtained from a Slitheran group who had taken over a Druid’s sacred cave. As it turned out, Fezzi sold the stone to an fellow merchant in the deep south, Ivar Kingston, also known as the wizard Ib’n Kahn.

Unfortunately, this sale did not end the interest in the stone. Fezzi was later visited by a gang of thieves who had discovered the stone was for sale and looked to steal it. The gang killed his beloved guard dogs, and in an intense interogation, removed his thumbs. Finally, the old fighter revealed the location of the gold he had received for the gem. The thieves took the money and left.

Next to arrive was Arkturis Rakov, who used his magics to get the story of the gem’s sale and the following theft. He then hypnotized Fezzi into accepting the story that the gem was never sold, but rather stolen directly by the thieves. Arkturis supressed Fezzi’s memories of his visit and set off to retrieve the stone.

The party returned to find a wounded and confused Fezzi without the gem or their money. Feeling he had let his friends and customers down, Fezzi agreed to the party’s demand that he repay their share of the gem’s value. This agreement forced him to travel the east and collect debts and call in favors from various associates, but he was able to fulfill his obligation when the party last met.

Since then, Fezzi has remained in Birk’s Forge and has rebuilt his merchant business. He stays in touch with Luna, who has supplied with excellent animal guardians.


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